Friday, May 25, 2012

The Face

The point of being well dressed is that people will be so drawn about what you are wearing that they won't even notice what you have on. People are supposed to focus on you, which can be hard to do when you are wearing a bright shirt, neon pants, and some kind of crazy Kentucky derby worthy hat. That's just not how it's done.


Look at it this way, women should love the way you dress so much that their first reaction is to tear off everything you are wearing. So as much as you should try to look good, that face of yours is also going to need some attention. So at all times make sure your beard is trimmed/decent, keep your teeth clean (you should have a small tooth brush/mouth wash kit with you at all times, avoid those little scope brushes, it's a lie), and I'm not necessarily for male eyebrow tweezing but there is no such thing as a sexy uni brow.

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