Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Crisp Clean White Shirt

This is one of my most favorite things that a man could wear. It's so simple. So elegant. So casual. So "I am secure enough with my own sense of style that this is all I need" No bells, no whistles, just you.

Whatever brand you choose, just make sure it fits. 2 fingers comfortably at the neck, try and avoid overly baggy shirts, you don't want to look like you borrowed one from your dad, or that you used to be on the chunky side and are now a hoarder who refuses to get rid of their old wardrobe...

Anyways! White comes in several shades and some might match different outfits better, and some fabrics will work better with casual or elegant. So stock a few in your wardrobe, and remember, when it comes to white shirts you should always have some Tide To Go handy.

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